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Every week, three dumb idiots team up to talk video games, news, rumors, and pop culture, with the occasional tangent. Sometimes they even know what they're talking about. Sometimes.

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    Episode 48: The Final Episode

    It is here. The moment that everyone has been waiting for: the end of The Rat King (probably). As three idiots with busy lives and not much free time, we just can't make the podcast make sense for us. So, at least for right now, we're calling it quits. We may come back some time in the future, but who knows? Until then, the feed will stay up indefinitely and you should still listen to the backlog and share with friends. And why not still throw us a 5-star review? Our Twitter and Instagram will also be going dark for the time being. Until we see you next time, be cool to everyone and keep your heads up. Thanks for everything.

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    Episode 46: Desert Eagle Bethlehem

    We are back in the new year with Season 2! What does that mean to you? Not too much. Basically, we're going to somehow be even less structured than ever before, which means we're going to go back to talking about whatever we want, whenever we want. We're, like, badasses or something. In this episode, we talk about the surprises of 2017 and our most anticipated games of 2018. It's a hoot.

    TW: There is discussion of suicide due to a recent shithead YouTuber, and we talk a bit about our own mental illness(es). If you or a loved one is struggling, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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    Episode 44: I'm My Big Dad

    As the holidays approach, not too much is going on, aside from that creature stirring or whatever is happening in that one story we all love. José tells us a little more about Dragonball FighterZ this week, and we "celebrate" the PS Vita's 6th birthday! We also give our third and final nominee for the 1st annual Shitty™ Awards: Microsoft/Xbox One (S/X). We hope you had a Happy Hanukkah!

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    Episode 43: Slippy Noodle

    The devil is real, he has two butts, and he's bringing you this episode about the Street Fighter Collection, PSX, and the VGAs. We also give our second nominee for the 1st annual Shitty™ Awards: EA/Star Wars: Battlefront II. Tell your parents we said "Hi!"

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    Episode 42: Untitled

    José is here to let you know about upcoming Final Fantasy XV updates and DLC, as well as some exciting Mega Man news. Justin came to talk about the Monster Hunter: World beta. Scott decided to describe his vasectomy in graphic detail. This all culminates in a discussion about our first nominee for the 1st annual Shitty™ Awards: Pokémon GO Fest.

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    Episode 41: CHR1570PH3R KLUMPU5

    After a 10-day break, Thanksgiving, and a new episode release day, we honestly don't have much to talk about in terms of video games, but we shoot the shit and return to our beloved segment, Demo Disc!

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    Episode 40: Geese is More

    In an extremely out of character move, EA made a bunch of people mad. There's a bunch of stuff happening with fighting games. The Game Awards are around the corner and Breath of the Wild will probably sweep up? Listen if you want.

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    Episode 39: Major Hubbs

    Disney wants to acquire 20th Century Fox because IT IS THE SINGULARITY AND YOU WILL SOON BE ONE WITH IT! Sony will begin offering PlayStation Trophy Rewards based on your new trophies, and it will only take an entire year to earn $10 in credit! Most importantly, Justin is back from BlizzCon with the skippy on all of their cool shit, new and old!

    TW: There is a brief conversation about the recent outings of many sexual predators that have been prevalent over the last few weeks specifically. Though we don't usually bring non-video game related news onto the podcast, we think it is important to use what little platform we have to speak out against it. If you or someone you love has been a victim of sexual assault, RAINN is an excellent organization that can be contacted by phone at 1(800)656-4673 or online at Thank you.

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    Episode 38: Everyone's Girlfriend Loves the Sims

    The Nintendo Switch is forecasted to sell more consoles in one fiscal year than the Wii U did in its entire lifetime, which is as much of an endorsement of the former as it is an indictment of the latter. PlayStation showed off a plethora of game trailers at its Paris Games Week event and José and Scott are here to sort of remember them for you. Justin was gone for this one, but not forgotten.

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    Episode 37: JRPGesus

    Can NeoGAF recover from the despicable (alleged) actions of the site’s owner as well as mods and members jumping ship? Probably, and hopefully, not. Microsoft has officially killed the Kinect, but they are giving new life to a selection of original Xbox games. José gives the rundown on Shin Megami Tensei V for the Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for mobile, as well as the Switch update that brought GameCube controller support to the console and what that may mean. We also read some listener emails on Mailbox 360.

    Patrick Klepek’s in-depth piece on the NeoGAF situation, as mentioned in the podcast:

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    Episode 36: Beware the Mansters

    Do you ever feel like you don't have as much time to play games as you once did? Then live vicariously through José and his ability to play 125 games a week. Once you move on from that, we're here to walk you through Sony's new publishing label, Unties, the newest Nintendo Switch update, Activision's microtransaction-based matchmaking patent, and the shutdown of Visceral Games. We also play a new game we like to call Steamed Hams.

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    Episode 35: Fast Food Cream

    The SNES Classic has been hacked, the Game Boy could be coming back, and loot boxes are jacked. Stay tuned after the news this week for some video game apologies in a segment we like to call It's-a Me, a-Sorry-o!

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    Episode 34: Death Bed for Cutie

    Justin is back from vacation and he single-handedly saves this episode by simply being present. José breaks down the perplexing, multicrossover, tag team fighter BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Scott has opinions about Psychonauts and high hopes for its sequel. We also try our hand at a new segment, Demo Disc.

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    Episode 33: The Straight-Up Fuckaround Gang

    Guys, we did it again. Justin was gone for this one so we kind of fell apart. There is probably some video game stuff to be heard, but it's mostly nonsense and a few famous people.

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    Episode 32: The Bad One

    We are extremely back this week with a weird and wild episode that is sort of about video games. José has the rundown on the Tokyo Game Show and Scott ran the numbers on Doom for the Switch. Welcome to Hell!

    Also discussed: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Arika EX, Left Alive, Monster Hunter: World, Zone of the Enders: Mars

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    Episode 31: Nintendoes What Nintendon't

    Who needs Blast Processing anyway? This week, we're all Nintendo all the time. The Switch smartphone app got a much needed update (but it's still the worst), the NES Classic will be back again in 2018 for all of you opportunistic scalpers out there, and Nintendo's most recent Direct showed off some stuff and also things. Oh, and Mario has nipples, which is dope.

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    Episode 30: Throwing Shaders

    Not much going on this week, but you better believe that Justin's got the lowdown on Destiny 2. Should you get it? Probably. Everyone else already has. Don't you want to be like everyone else, loser? Also José gives his thoughts on Code Vein and we talk about Rockstar's LA Noire remaster for PS4, Xbox One, and, very surprisingly, Switch.

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    Episode 29: Miss Nindependent

    Goldeneye turned 20 years old and we're all dying, but Nintendo showed a slew of independent titles coming to the Switch in the near future, so we'll forget about our mortality for now.

    Also discussed: Capcom's Puzzle Fighter, Catherine 2

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    Episode 28: Owen Wilson's House

    Do you want to shoot weird animals as an effed up super raccoon? That's pretty specific, but BioMutant is just right for you. We talk about the brave, new IP as well as remakes galore and another Destiny dump. There's also another visit from them Taste Buds!

    Also discussed: Injustice 2, Monster Hunter: World, Secret of Mana, Yakuza

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    Episode 26: Ow, My Bowls!

    The boys are at it again, and now with less news than ever! José gives some deets about the upcoming Gundam Versus beta, Nintendo is being sued by Gamevice over the Switch's modular design, and some guy really wants eSports in the 2024 Olympics (for the children). Then we get a visit from the Taste Buds AKA the new and improved FLAVOR BOYS™™™™™! It's a doozy!

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    Episode 25: Chuck

    Do you guys like Persona? For the love of God I hope you like Persona. This week, Justin heads up the podcast while José blathers incessantly about Persona. There's also a lot of what some people would call "fucking around." It's gooooooooood!

    Also discussed: .hack//G.U. Last Recode, Persona, Persona, Persona, Persona, Persona, Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection

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    Episode 24: The Title Is Colon the Title Was

    Brace yourself for our worst episode yet, thanks to Scott. Did he edit out a five minute argument about José looking at him funny? Probably. Did we still talk about video games? Mostly. Justin played a lot of Fortnite and he goes into the interesting intricacies, followed by some talk about GTA VI and Nintendo crushing it. Still worth a listen.

    Also discussed: Dying Light, Overwatch League, Pokémon Go Fest, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

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    Episode 23: Here's the Thing

    In an episode steeped in irony and filled with mood swings, we find what matters most: our hearts - our thick, juicy hearts. We talk about the losers upset about a woman being the next Doctor in Doctor Who, then the next entries in a few of TellTale's episodic games. We then take a trip to the José Block ("You've Been Naughty!" Ohhh Yeahhh!) where he tells us about a plethora of fighting games, before we go right back to mocking the losers upset about a woman playing the next Doctor in Doctor Who. There's some other fun stuff sprinkled in, such as listener emails, including a salacious story from José.

    Trigger Warning: There is mention of the recent and sudden death of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, as well as discussion about depression and suicide prevention. If you or a loved one ever feel lost or hopeless, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or reach out to someone you trust.

    Also discussed: Arika EX, BlazBlue, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Street Fighter V, the rumored N64 Classic

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    Episode 22: Capcomplaints

    The New Nintendo 3DS is dead, but Metal Gear is 30 years old (and also pretty much dead). Steam banned a bunch of cheating punks. Microsoft is bringing the Xbox One X to Gamescom 2017 and we're sure at least someone is excited. José has opinions about Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

    Also discussed: Crackdown 3, Days Gone

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    Episode 21: Dr. Manhattan, DDS

    Back with some actual news this week, there's only about six hours worth of LoZ: Breath of the Wild talk, followed by Friday the 13th: The Game's list of ban-worthy offenses, the reveal of Doomfist, Monster Hunter fun, and leaks and teases galore! We hope you're ready to hear the word "datamine" a few too many times!

    Also discussed: Nintendo Switch, Platinum Games, Star Wars Battlefront II

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    Episode 20: The Debil, He Never Die

    It's an incredibly Nintendo-centric episode this week as José and Scott both got Switches and the SNES Classic was announced. After raving about Breath of the Wild, we go through the list of games included on the SNES Classic and discuss what we consider to be omissions. It's a real something or other!

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    Episode 19: Feliz Cumpleañ(64)os

    In a post-E3, light news week, let Justin tell you about the upcoming Monster Hunter World; Scott tell you about the short, but sweet Beyond Good & Evil 2 tech demo; and José tell you about the .hack//G.U. remaster trilogy. We may also wax poetic about the Nintendo 64 just days after its 21st birthday.

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    Episode 18: Batter Up

    Scott is back from vacation and we have a lot of catching up to do! We're breaking down E3 presser-by-presser with excruciating detail (only sort of). Hype, disappointment, moderate surprises; E3 had it all!

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    Episode 16: Snit Bits

    We're back again and better than ever with a few updates on Square Enix properties, the leaked MvC: Infinite roster, and everything we now know about Nintendo's online service for the Switch.

    Also discussed: GTA Online, Life is Strange, Need for Speed: Payback, Tekken 7

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    Episode 15: This Just Ing

    José? Sick. Scott? Sad. Justin? Perfect as always. Scott took a lesser role this episode while José manned the helm to talk about Overwatch's anniversary, the strange Mario x Rabbids crossover, and everyone's favorite, game delays. We'll be back to normal next week, probably, and if not, shut up.

    Also discussed: Destiny, Dota 2, Far Cry 5, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, Monster Hunter XX, Xbox Game Pass

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    Episode 14: FERGIE'S WIFE!?

    The day has finally come that we can put our favorite Sonic the Hedgehog fan art into the game, so get ready for weed, penises, and swastikas. Microsoft reclaimed their trademark for the canceled Scalebound, so maybe they'll actually come out with a game...any game. Justin is ready to do everything all over again with Destiny 2. We also yell about meats and cheeses.

    Also discussed: Assassin's Creed, E3 schedules, Far Cry 5, Injustice 2, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, Life is Strange (2), South Park: The Fractured But Whole, The Witcher Netflix series

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    Episode 13: That's Not a Noise a Person Makes

    We've lived to 'cast another week, and this time we're talking upcoming Assassin's Creed and Dynasty Warriors installments, as well as Bethesda's new-ish review policy, and the split between Square Enix and IO Interactive. Also, a bunch of pirates got mad at a mod.

    Also discussed: Nintendo's E3 plans, Overwatch League, Prey, smuggled spiders, Street Fighter V's Ed

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    Episode 12: Thaoughts & Praeyers

    Sometimes the gaming world is a weird place. Sometimes Bethesda makes you change the name of your game to a non-word. Sometimes Nintendo thinks fans are clamoring for a Mario/Raving Rabbids crossover tactical shooter. Sometimes bones are actually springs and cogs. We're here to help you traverse this strange landscape.

    Also discussed: Code Vein, E3, Half-Life, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Overwatch, Tekken 7, World Video Game Hall of Fame inductees

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    Episode 11 - DLCULATER

    We're extremely back on our shit this week. José gives us the hottest rumours about Bayonetta and Vanquish, Justin tried free DLC so you don't have to, and Scott is a grown man that is legitimately scared by Outlast 2. Then we take a trip down memory lane while talking Halo (6) and Call of Duty (WWII). Guess which on of us dies at the end!

    Also discussed: Burnout/Danger Zone, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Nintendo Switch, Street Fighter V

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    Episode 10: The Reminiscining

    Get ready for a weird one. Our schedules got thrown off this week so we ended up just talking about whatever we wanted. It's not the usual formula (which we'll get back to next week), but it was a lot of fun for us to chat about nostalgia, memories, and our relationships with video games. You'll hate it.

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    Episode 9: Replica Swordsmen

    We scrounged through Nintendo's Direct announcements (Monopoly on the Switch!) and felt pretty meh about it, but don't worry, now you're Joy-Con will last twice as long when you play your one game. Justin gave us some info about Overwatch's most recent event, and we tried to analyze Bandai Namco's stylish teaser trailer (#PrepareToDine). Oh, and anime is illegal now.

    Also discussed: Dragon Quest XI, NES Classic, Peter Moore, Project Scorpio DevKit, Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, Star Wars Celebration

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    Episode 8: 32 Terasquirts of SCARM

    We got the 0.2 billion points necessary in TH12 to regain access to this episode. You're welcome. Things remained shady though as Gearbox made a controversial deal with G2A (before quickly untangling themselves), and cheatmaker Bossland was ordered to pay $8.5 billion to Blizzard over copyright infringement. Also, Mass Effect: Andromeda has been patched to give you some beautiful eyeballs to stare at as you still don't care about the story.

    P.S. Anime was a mistake.

    Also discussed: Bayonetta, Gundam Versus, Persona 5, Pokémon Go, Project Scorpio, The Surge, Yooka-Laylee

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    Episode 7: Moon Wizards II: The Wizarding

    We're finally back together again to talk new releases, re-releases, pre-releases, and lots of teases. José talks Final Fantasy updates and DLC, Scott jabbers about Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy, and Justin gives us everything we wanted to know about Destiny 2. We also say goodbye to some old friends.

    Also discussed: Call of Duty: WWII, Dark Souls, Lethal League, Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey, Star Wars Battlefront II, Titanfall 2, Valkyria Revolution, Xbox One UI update

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    Episode 6: We're All Criminals Here

    Justin was out again this week so José and Scott powered through a discussion about the Destiny 2 leak, Mass Effect: Andromeda (post-animation fiasco), and what EA has planned for E3 2017.

    Also discussed: Nintendo Switch, Outlast 2, Splatoon 2, Xbox Insider

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    Episode 5: Crab Nebula

    We made it back to the nest this week to chat about Bandai Namco's DLC rollout for Tekken 7, the Australian Classification Board's refusal to rate Outlast 2, and Mass Effect: Andromeda's funky animations. We also received a visit from the Taste Buds (us)!

    Also discussed: Microsoft's Project Scorpio, Sonic Forces, Venom feature film

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    Episode 4: The One Where Justin Hosts

    Justin takes the reigns this week and runs the podcast like a well-oiled machine...of sorts. We follow up on Nintendo Switch hardware issues and the refreshing changes of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. José gives a few Persona 5 updates and introduces us to some awesome, lesser known titles. By some miracle, there's hardly any yelling in this one. It's a hell of a thing.

    Also discussed: Destiny, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, PS4 4.5 update, Tera

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    Episode 3: Mintender Squitch

    Justin was busy this week moving in with his wife so it's just like the old days with only José and Scott. It looks like our Switch got lost in the mail somewhere, so we try to navigate Nintendo's hybrid console and it's many idiosyncrasies the only way we know how - by yelling at one another. There is some other stuff, too, but whatever.

    Also discussed: Horizon Zero Dawn, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Twitch partnerships, Xbox Game Pass

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    Episode 2: Bread Water Horizon

    The Nintendo Switch is dropping in less than a week and there are still so many unknowns. Will history repeat itself? We speculate upcoming Square Enix and Bethesda titles and talk about the death of Hellboy (films). A special segment also makes a return appearance!

    Also discussed: DICE Awards, Persona 5

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    Episode 1: 404 Not Found

    Things have changed. Change is scary, but sometimes change is good. In this case, it's very good. Our inaugural episode is the culmination of many mistakes and errors that may have led to one of our best episodes yet. We're introducing a new co-host, Justin Stokes, whom brings a new perspective and makes a great punching bag. We have some updates on Nintendo's impending console, the Switch, as well as some of its games, José gives us that hot Cup Noodle Final Fantasy news, Justin breaks down the newest Mass Effect: Andromeda preview, and Scott just sort of breaks down.

    Also discussed: E3, New York Toy Fair, Nioh

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    2-BIT - Episode 10: The King Cometh

    Fast and loose is the only way to describe this episode. Nintendo is still being Nintendo, a Castlevania show is in the works, and South Park: Fractured But Whole is delayed again. There's also a bunch of other stuff in-between, as well as an announcement of awesome upcoming changes.

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    2-BIT - Episode 9: Birds, Bees, Bears in Trees

    Nintendo continues to release both encouraging and extremely frustrating news. With the overall failure of the Wii U, how will the Switch fare? Final Fantasy games are coming abound, Pokémon Go is making millions a day, and Zenimax was awarded $500 million from a lawsuit with Facebook/Oculus. This one is all about money and math! Get excited!

  51. Thumb 1510439704 artwork

    2-BIT - Episode 8: Save a Horse, Punch a Nazi

    Scott finally played some games this past week! José gives his first impressions of Tales of Berseria! Then we share our gaming backlogs. Oh, and there's also some talk of punching Nazis. Listen. Love. Learn. Eat. Pray. Etc.

  52. Thumb 1510439711 artwork

    2-BIT - Episode 7: Hotdog Sandwiches

    Guys, let's talk about the elephant in the room. Are hotdogs sandwiches? One of us says yes, absolutely, while the other is completely wrong, as well as just a terrible person in general. Aside from that, this time around we have Nintendo Switch revelations, (possible) Stardew Valley for PS Vita preparations, and Breath of the Wild's open world reaching new elevations. That kind of makes sense.

  53. Thumb 1510439711 artwork

    2-BIT - Episode 6: The Switch Up

    Nintendo has revealed to us its newest child as the Wii U inches toward the grave. Will this be what the company needs to compete? Or will history repeat itself? Also, José is back from Arizona or something stupid like that.

  54. Thumb 1510439717 artwork

    2-BIT - Hot Mess w/ Special Guest Host Justin Stokes

    José was away in Arizona during this week's episode, so the inmate was left to run the asylum with our friend and special guest host Justin Stokes. The two talk video games for a few minutes before Scott spirals into stories of cancer, Taco Bell, depression, murder for hire, and theft.

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  56. Thumb 1510439754 artwork

    2-BIT - Episode 4: Loosey Christmas Goosey

    Merry Christmas from us here at 2-BIT! This week we talk a lot about movies. We saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (no spoilers, except after the outro music, then it's Spoiler City, so it's your fault if you hear any) and a few others. We also discuss representation in video games, Nintendo Switch specs, and maybe even a little about Xmas.

  57. Thumb 1510439761 artwork

    2-BIT - Episode 3: The Dik-Dik Van-Dik Show

    José brought his own chair this week and he makes a big deal about it. He also gives his final impressions of Final Fantasy XV. Scott is still playing Dishonored (1) like a GD idiot, and talks about his recent head wound. Then we talk Street Fighter V leaks, Yooka-Laylee, and Nintendo patents (so get ready to strap that shit to your head?).

  58. Thumb 1510439756 artwork

    2-BIT - Episode 2: Enjoy Our Creamy Elixir

    We eXperienced PlayStation and we liked it. José once again Fantasizes Finally. Scott Let It Die, but just a little bit. Oh, then we drank some orange stuff and talked about it.

  59. Thumb 1510439765 artwork

    2-BIT - Episode 1: The Glory of the Question Bag

    José gives an update on Pokémon Sun/Moon as well as his first impressions of Final Fantasy XV. Scott has been playing Dishonored, but not that Dishonored, so he's sorry. We also reminisce about José's house burning up and our connection with Marvel vs Capcom. There is also an embarrassing Question Bag segment that at least one of us now regrets.

  60. Thumb 1510439795 artwork

    2-BIT - Episode 0: José's Musical Mansion

    We use this, our official pilot episode, to take a step back and (try to) explain the podcast as well as tell a little about ourselves and how we went from two chubby boys talking about Pokémon in the 6th grade to two slightly less chubby men talking about Pokémon after work. We also discuss the Game Awards, Mass Effect, unnecessary collector's editions, and more.

  61. Thumb 1510440816 artwork

    2-BIT - Episode -1: This is Only a Test

    This is the pilot to the pilot, where we discuss Pokémon Sun and Moon, the NES Classic, Nintendo Switch pricing rumors, and strange childhood memories. There are a few recording hiccups as we're still figuring this garbage out. Stay with us!

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